– Fixed debugging conflict where debugging was permanently disabled
– Resolved jQuery conflicts
– Changed path to save QR codes to “…/wp-content/uploads/swirl_qrcodes/”
– Disambiguated function / class names for the sake of compatibility with other plugins
– Improved sanitization, filtering of inputs on customer checkout
– Adapted custom curl calls to standard WP methods
– Other Minor WordPress Repository requirements were met

– Added currency disabling for emergency purposes (in case of attacks or severe bugs of a specific chain)
– Fixed issue where old QR codes where being stored in cache and preventing the updated ones from showing
– Updated Denarius (DNR) ticker to “D”
– Listing of Monero (XMR)

– Toughened data validation to prevent script injections
– Enhanced order total tampering protection
– Optimized price server calls
– Added function to remove residual “-000” from TXID upon order submission
– Fixed checkout always showing USD ticker instead of shop’s base currency

Swirl in the news

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